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Bernard Peyton, born 1950, married, BA Harvard 1972, MS University of Montana 1984, Ph.D. University of California Berkeley 1995.

Ihave been lucky to combine careers in science and art to help create parks and advertise their threatened species.  During my first career as a painter and printmaker I fell in love with paper. In 1976 my roommate from college, Robert Perkins, encouraged me to have an adventure of a lifetime. We canoed from Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada to the headwaters of the Back River, and then down it to near the Arctic Ocean, a journey of approximately 850-miles. Upon seeing white wolves that followed our progress through unspoiled wilderness, I became inspired to do something to preserve nature.
Within a year I was in Peru studying spectacled bears as a field biologist. Twenty-five years later I returned to something I had done as a child. I discovered that designing my own origami art was very similar to doing science, but more effective at advertising the fragile status of the endangered species I studied.  The years I spent observing wildlife became a rich library of images to inspire my paper sculpture.  In addition to creating art, I am most rewarded by teaching origami in a local hospital for children and lately, curating exhibits of the origami from my peers.   Although I can’t cut trail like I used to in the cloud forest, origami has given me many more peaks to climb.





Co-Curator of “Origami Living World

National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan

Co-Curator of “Origami Universe” (upcoming in October)

Chi Mei Museum, Tainan, Taiwan

Group Shows


“L’Origami sous tous ses plis”, Villa Bagatelle, Quebec City, Canada


“Origami Living World” and “Origami Universe”, Taipei and Tainan, Taiwan


“Folding Paper”, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

Boise Art Museum, Boise, Idaho

Marin County Fair, San Rafael, California


“Folding Paper” Peoria Riverfront Museum, Peoria, Illinois

Center for Visual Arts, Bonita Springs, Florida

Art in Science, Energy Biosciences Institute, Berkeley, California

Surface to Structure: Folded Forms, The Cooper Union, New York

Movement in Paper: The Evolving Form of Origami, San Francisco


La Magia del Papel, Centro de Historias, Zaragoza, Spain

Kinokuniya bookstore, New York

“Folding Paper”, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin;

Crocker Museum, Sacramento, California

Marin County Fair, San Rafael, California

Crease, New Trends in Origami, Sandusky Cultural Center, Sandusky, Ohio


“Folding Paper”,  Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles, California;

Thorne_Sagendorph Art Gallery, Keene, New Hamshire

“Honoring Eric Joisel”, Angouleme, France


McConnel Arts Center, Worthington, Ohio

Fava Gallery, Oberlin, Ohio

Marin County Fair, San Rafael, California


Monterey Airport, Monterey, California, USA

Cherry Blossom Festival, San Francisco, California

Fava Gallery, Oberlin, Ohio

Still Folding, Sandusky Cultural Center, Sandusky, Ohio

Marin County Fair, San Rafael, California


Bellevue Arts Fair, Bellevue, Washington, USA

Going Origami, Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, California, USA

Exporigami, Centro Historico, Zaragoza, Spain


Bay Area Origami Masters, Xerox PARC, Palo Alto, California, USA

Poetry in Paper, Galerija Grada Krapine, Krapina, Croatia

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Berkeley, California, USA

Transforming Kami, National Japanese American Historical Society,

SF Public Library, San Francisco, USA


Cherry Blossom Festival, San Francisco, California

Treasures of Origami Art, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa, Israel

Paper Transformed, Mingei International Museum, Escondido, California

Four Masters of Origami, K Gallery, Alameda, California

Origami Masters, Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver, Canada


Miyako Hotel, San Francisco, California

Pulp Fiction, Waveny Gallery, New Canaan, Connecticut

Lick-Wilmerding High School, San Francisco, California


One Man Shows

2009 National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Chiang Kai Shek Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2011 Donaldson Gallery, Farmington, Connecticut

2012 Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Berkeley, California


Invited Guest (conventions, workshops, contests)

2006 Matsuri Festival workshop, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

2008 OORAA Convention, Lyon, France

2009 New Year contest, Vietnamese Origami Group

2009 Justicia de Ukumari contest, Cali, Colombia

2010 Papiroflex Convention, Zaragoza, Spain

2011 Boyaca International Convention, Tunja, Colombia

2011 Prescott Visiting Artist, Miss Porter’s School, Farmington, Connecticut

2012 Centerfold Convention, Columbus, Ohio

2013, KOA Convention, Seoul, South Korea

2013, Transformations, Exploratorium, San Francisco, California

2014, OASIS Convention, Israel

2014, 4th Congress of Zoology, Cartagena, Colombia

2015 MFPP Convention, La Rochelle, France

2015  33rd CDO Convention, Tabiano Bagni, Italy

2017 29th Origami Deutschland Convention, Bonn, Germany


Origami in Plays

2008 “Secret Life of Paper”, Vancouver, Canada

2009-10 “Animals out of Paper”, New York and San Francisco Playhouses


Permanent Collections

Origami USA, New York, USA

Mingei International Museum, Escondido, California

Tikotin Museum, Haifa, Israel

Galerija Grada Krapine, Krapina, Croatia

Origami House, Tokyo, Japan

Educational Museum Origami Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain

Origami House, Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay

Articles and Videos

My teaching at Oakland’s Children’s Hospital

Article in the CAL Alumni Magazine

Translation of article in Madarin