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On October 4th, 2016, “Origami Universe”, one of the largest origami exhibits anywhere opened at the ChiMei Museum in Tainan, Taiwan. The exhibit featured nearly 400 works from 63 artists, scientists, engineers, and designers from 21 countries. It occupied over 1400 square meters of space (14000 square feet) in the special exhibit galleries at the […]

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Last fall I was invited to be a guest at a convention in Israel hosted by OASIS, a newly formed group headed by Ilan Garibi (Oasis website).   I said yes despite the provision that I arrange my own travel.  My hosts who included Ilan, Saadya Sternberg, and Boaz Shuval sweetened the deal with offers of […]

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On Thursdays when I am not traveling, I teach origami to the patients at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland (CHO website).  The origami is part of an art therapy program, administered by the Child Life Department.  In mid May 2013 I parked my car where I always do when coming to the hospital, on 54th Street […]

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Won, Seon Seo and Vicky Mihara Avery, finalists in the snap contest at the 4th KOA Convention If you want to go to an origami convention in a great country, attended by the most friendly welcoming people, in a fantastic facility, you can’t do any better than the Korean Origami Convention.  I had the gift […]

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Scientific Research

Destiny of bears and people intertwined The story of what has happened to populations of spectacled bears in the Andes since the 1960s is grim, but also sprinkled with promising developments. None the least of which is the quintupling of the national park system in 5 Andean countries with spectacled bears (eg., Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, […]

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