Guest in Spain 2010
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Guest in Spain 2010

In August 2010 I had the pleasure of being invited to the convention of the Grupo Papiroflex in Zaragoza, Spain. Jorge Pardo is an integral member of this group, arguably one of the oldest groups dedicated to origami. It was founded in Zaragoza in the mid-1940’s and has been active for most of the time since then. My host folders made sure that when my wife asked me what I brought her from Spain, my reply would be 10 more kilos of Bernie. I can not remember when I have been better fed. If it were not for that beagle attached to a humorless custom’s agent, I would have tossed out my clothes and put an entire ham hock in my knapsack for the trip home.

Instead I took fond memories. Unlike any of the other conventions I have attended, this one was relaxed. Nobody was obligated to teach at an exact hour, it just flowed. Notwithstanding I taught a dozen classes, and learned many small figures that today (2nd of September) I taught my patients at Oakland’s Children’s Hospital. The big highlight of the convention was my friend Eric Joisel, the other invitee. Though his voice was weak, and his hands trembled, his laugh was as hearty as ever. He brought with him a staggering amount of new work. He confided to me that he now was able to sell everything he has made or will make. Many if not all of the pieces he brought with him were destined to go to a new museum for origami the Zaragozan group was planning.

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