Pacific Coast
  • Buho de Goya

    Designed 2013 for the Escuela Museo Origami Zaragoza

    Owl paper: 40 cm square backcoated bichu torinoko gampi

  • Above

    Designed 2006


  • Chomp

    Designed 2008

    Paper: 24.75 cm square of backcoated moriki kozo

  • Fort Puffin

    Designed 2011

    Paper for puffins: backcoated squares of gampi and Thai bleached kozo

    Paper for rock: rectangle of mica

  • Great Horned Owl

    Designed 2010

    Paper: square of origamido and kozo moriki

  • Lying Bear

    Designed 2000, photo by Pamela Peyton Post

    Paper: 78.75 cm square of backcoated elephant hide, craft paper, and foil

  • Puffins

    Designed 2011

    Paper: 17 and 24.75 cm squares of backcoated gampi and Thai bleached mulberry

  • Red Foxes

    Designed 2012

    Paper: backcoated squares of gampi and washi

  • Salmon Stream

    Designed 2006

    Salmon: wet-folded squares of mica or canson backcoated with kozo

    Stream: wet-folded resin-coated rectangle of kyoto and 140 g arches

  • Shark Attack

    Designed 2008

    Shark: backcoated 42.75 cm square of kozo moriki and bible paper

    Surfer: backcoated 17.75 cm square of kozo moriki and bleached mulberry

    Surfboard and wake: 33 cm square of kozo moriki backed to canson

  • Surfer

    Designed 2008

    Surfer: 17.75 cm of backcoated kozo moriki

    Surfboard and wake: 33 cm square of backcoated yatsuo, canson, and lace

  • Waterfall_Bear

    Designed 2005

    Paper: one rectangle of backcoated lace, moriki kozol and parchment paper

  • Wave

    Designed 2005